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Dear Perverts (like me),

Featured above is a pair of briefs that I wore in my first scene on FTM FUCKER with co-star and “teen dream” crush James Darling. In the scene James pushes me to the ground pulls out his switchblade, slips the knife down my ass-crack and cuts them in half…boner inducing right?!

Well…Now this pre-cum stained ginger-pubed garment can be added to your pervy collection of XXX paraphernalia, at a reasonable cost.

For info on purchasing please send me a message via twitter / tumblr / instagram…and follow if you please.

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Damien is selling the underwear I tore off his gorgeous ass in this video and now you can own them! 


"The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life."
James Darlingpen & colored pencils on paper2011


"The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life."

James Darling
pen & colored pencils on paper

I went ahead and made one: @jamesdarlingart I’ll post sketches, doodles, art pieces and photos I took that didn’t make it to porn sites

"FTM ATM" / James Darling / pen on paper / 2010

"FTM ATM" / James Darling / pen on paper / 2010

should I make a separate art blog? I’m moving and found more weird stuff I’ve drawn 

I made a thing #boypussy #ftm #gaymendrawvaginas

I made a thing #boypussy #ftm #gaymendrawvaginas

Anonymous asked: I know this is a really personal question and I apologize for that, but, how does/did your family respond to your transition. I am going through some stuff currently and my family has been nothing but supportive. Unfortunately, that seems like the minority of situations that I have heard and I am just curious how things went for you. I can't imagine trying to transition without the support of my family and hate that others don't have the same luxury.

My family was not supportive and it was really difficult for them. So when I was 18 I moved out and began seeking out doctors that would help me get hormones. Eventually it got to the point that we stopped being in each others lives for several years and I ended up moving across the country. After I left and was going to go through top surgery, they decided to try to come back into my life again. I think they were scared that I was going to some backalley surgeon and worried I would die, (which thankfully in this day and age is pretty rare and my top surgeon was really great) and we began the process of reconnecting. These days they are much better and more supportive, refer to me by the correct pronouns most of the time and call me their son. It took about ten years but they came around.