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We had a great time with our fisting day cam show, even if we got kicked off for fisting (I guess 4 fingers are too many?) Thanks James Darling, Denali Winter, and Chelsea Poe for making this happen! - Kitty Stryker

OMG also James got both his hands in me up to the thumbs and it was the hottest thing. 5/5, would do again.

James Darling and Arabelle Raphael fisting at the Crashpad

James Darling and Arabelle Raphael fisting at the Crashpad

Anonymous asked: Do you regret any of the porn you've done?

this question used to make me so angry, because it usually comes from a place of thinking that porn is something you should regret, which I don’t. but the truth is there are some things I wish I had thought about more before doing and a couple scenes I probably should have turned down but I don’t know if that’s regret so much as gaining life experience. I think we all think about handling stuff differently in the past, that’s not a porn specific thing. 

mikeyelite asked: U are sooo fuckin sexy, husband material. I'm a man who loves men and u are one hot man


Fisting Day is almost here! Squee!

Tune in Monday, October 20th at 7pm PST at Kootenay Coop Radio for a discussion about the experience and the politics of fisting- it’s a live show, so don’t miss out!

Also we have all sorts of content for you all day long October 21st, the Fourth International Fisting Day, on the Fisting Day tumblr- including articles, erotica, photos, and videos, from all over the Internet! I believe there may even be a free live cam show, featuring fisting, between noon and 4 PST- watch this space to find out more!

We’d also love your submissions- just please credit the artists/writers/performers so we can find more of their work? :)

Thanks to my Fisting Day cohost James Darling, my lover and professional hottie Ned, and photographer Michelle Yoder for helping with the photoblog I’m working on for release on Fisting Day! <3

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Thanks so much to daddy jack for the tom of finland book off my wishlist! I’m not sure how to get a hold of you, but wanted you know I’m going to have so many filthy dreams and inspiration from this! 



Rebeka Refuse and Jacques LeFemme on FTMFUCKER.com!

The conclusion of this incredibly sexy trans on trans update is now up on FTMFUCKER.com!

This is definitely one of my favorite scenes on the site right now! It is super filthy and Rebeka Refuse and Jacques LeFemme are absolutely amazing performers. Really love how this turned out, you should go check out part two! 

sollucetexculis asked: yoo they named that dreamboat on ahs after you this season

a couple people have pointed that out! I would love to see AHS porn of this hottie!