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We may be near sold out tonight. No worries! SkinVideo.com will take care of you Saturday by streaming BOTH shows! Buy tokens and watch the action. 

Why we love Skin:   SkinVideo is queer and trans friendly. SkinVideo accepts models of all sizes. SkinVideo webcam tech support is friendly and phenomenal! And SkinVideo members love of us in all our freaky glory and we love them too!


Just in time for Folsom weekend… ** Please Reblog **

☆  18+ CUM & GLITTER Saturday 9/22 

☆ Two NSFW Webcam Shows

LIVE MUSIC by Unwoman! Hosted by Eden Alexander!

Performances by Bianca Stone, Maxine Holloway, Beretta James, Coral Aorta, Kitty Stryker, Mistress Kara, Sebastian Keys, Mickey Mod, Siouxsie Q, Courtney Trouble, Quinn Cassidy, Ava Solanas, Denali Winter, Dorian Faust, James Darling, Jade Phillips, Jacques LeFemme, Kay Garnellen, Sadie Lune, Shay Tiziano, AND MORE!

Set up a chat account today so you can interact w/ the models + tip Cum & Glitter on SkinVideo!

Afternoon + Evening Shows. 2pm + 10pm PST!

If you can’t make the show in person or via the SV live stream, please send these amazing models an offline tip at SkinVideo. YOUR TIPS are what keep these amazing nude performance art shows going. Any amount makes a difference!

Follow @cumandglitter + @skinvideo

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