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behind the scenes showering with the gorgeous Damien Moreau, photo by Isabel Dresler

behind the scenes showering with the gorgeous Damien Moreau, photo by Isabel Dresler

I’m clearly spending too much time by myself 

I’m clearly spending too much time by myself 

James Darling by Dave Naz

James Darling by Dave Naz

triplea85 asked: Sorry in advance for the complex question, but I'm curious. Do you date? If so, do you tend to date cis men, women, other trans/queer individuals, all of the above? And when dating, do you find it more difficult to come out (for want of a better phrase) as trans than you do to come out as a pornographer?

As tempting as it is to lock myself away in a chaste and untouchable porn tower, or pull an Annie Sprinkle and marry the ocean and never log into okcupid again, I have been known to venture outside and go on dates! I have loved and dated people of many different genders. I go through periods of being more into men or women, but generally speaking I find that I am most attracted to femininity of many kinds. I usually lay my porn and trans cards out on the table from the beginning because they are such large and unavoidable parts of my life, and have had few issues when disclosing those parts of myself to other people. I tend to date people who identify as some kind of queer and who have similarly radical politics and have found few issues surrounding my status as a trans sex worker, but even the handful of straight women I’ve dated have not been phased by it either. I’ve been very lucky and acknowledge that I have a lot of privilege as a passing white man, and being a porn performer is usually more socially acceptable for men than it is for women and probably has something to do with it. The most challenging part of dating for me has been the intersection of my work and personal life. I try to maintain a separation but it is nearly impossible in a small community, but that is a whole thesis in itself to answer.

Anonymous asked: What sex were you technically born? I love you by the way babe <3 xoxoxo

I was assigned female at birth, though technically I was born an archangel but I betrayed God and fell to Earth and we dont talk about that part of my life anymore

Anonymous asked: Do you as a trans man get offended when someone is only attracted to ftms. I once wrote a post explaining my attraction only to trans guys and I had many people message me about how it was a fetish, just wondering your opinion on it?

I wouldn’t necessarily say offended, people are into all kinds of things for a variety of reasons. I would encourage you to think about why it is that you are only into ftm guys and not cis guys? I think for a lot of trans guys this raises a red flag because there are assumptions being made about what makes someone trans and how that person uses their body. What is really the difference between cis men and trans men? Are you more into guys who bottom, short guys, guys with small hands, guys with small dicks, guys with patchy facial hair, guys who attended girl scout camp? I would say be specific about what you’re looking for and examine what assumption you might be making about a general demographic of people. Many if not most trans men want to be acknowledged as men and do not consider themselves that fundamentally different from cis men.

theklown asked: So would you be fine that I came to you and told you I wanna date you because your a hot trans? Asking with a lot of love <3 I really like trans boy but I never know if its ok to tell them that I like them for being trans.

Probably not. While I don’t mind people being attracted to me for being trans, (in fact, I encourage people who are curious about FTM bodies to hire trans guy escorts) it is only one part of me. When I am dating someone I would rather they be attracted to me for other reasons such as finding me attractive, charming, funny, or other factors related to me being a whole person and not just based on one physical characteristic. Of course, my transness is part of my whole person and I want potential partners to be into my body. The term “hot trans” would likely put most trans people off because you would be ignoring their personhood.


Video Part One Up Now! Young hitchhiker Fritz was looking for a way to get to the big city when along comes Owen Gray, who just so happens to be heading that way! Owen pulls over and offers Fritz a ride, but when Fritz doesn’t have any money for gas he tells him they’ll have to figure something out! A ride for a ride is only fair, so Owen takes Fritz into the woods to pound his holes with his huge raw uncut cock and blows his load all over Fritz’s adorable twinkish face! This smoking hot gay FTM and cis male scene is one you can’t afford to miss!
Music by Juba Kalamka

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James Darling is a fantastic creature. Magical, even.

Photographs by Me.

beautiful photos by Isabel Dresler of me laying on a bed of fur and succulents! 

Fucking Papi Coxxx while Beth Ditto looks on from Indiepornrevolution.com 

Fucking Papi Coxxx while Beth Ditto looks on from Indiepornrevolution.com