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Anonymous asked: I thought that only people who change their genitals are referred to as "trans." I'm guessing this is wrong? (¬‿¬)

trans is an umbrella term usually short for “transgender” “transsexual” etc. people will interpret those terms differently, but transgender is a catchall term for anyone who does not identify in some way with their assigned birth sex, and transsexual generally refers to people who have undergone some kind of transition usually with surgery and/or hormone replacement therapy. you don’t have to have had bottom surgery to be trans. 

For example: I am both transgender and transsexual. I was assigned female at birth, identify as male and took testosterone and had top surgery to help my body more closely reflect my identity. Hope that helps!

theklown asked: So would you be fine that I came to you and told you I wanna date you because your a hot trans? Asking with a lot of love <3 I really like trans boy but I never know if its ok to tell them that I like them for being trans.

Probably not. While I don’t mind people being attracted to me for being trans, (in fact, I encourage people who are curious about FTM bodies to hire trans guy escorts) it is only one part of me. When I am dating someone I would rather they be attracted to me for other reasons such as finding me attractive, charming, funny, or other factors related to me being a whole person and not just based on one physical characteristic. Of course, my transness is part of my whole person and I want potential partners to be into my body. The term “hot trans” would likely put most trans people off because you would be ignoring their personhood.

if anyone knows of resources for trans people in indiana/the midwest please let me know!

holy shit a distant relative just found me on (my civilian) facebook and told me they think they might be trans and are seeing a gender therapist?? whoaaa. i’m the only gay that i know of on both sides of my family so i’m pretty stoked there might be another trans person in the family! 

Two days at Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and I’m kind of speechless. I’m feeling so proud to be trans and honored to get an opportunity to meet so many people in this huge community from every walk of life imaginable. To be in a place where I can meet trans elders and trans kids and people who transitioned 20 years ago and people just starting to figure out their path. And getting to talk to people about sex and porn and being trans who maybe haven’t had much of a safe space or opportunity to do so has also been really amazing. Just wow. It’s really incredible, I wish I had come here years ago!

Have any burning questions for transsexuals in porn? Send them my way ASAP

looking for trans people who do porn to be part of a discussion at the philadelphia trans health conference on june 13th, dm me or email jamesdarlingxxx@gmail.com

FTM model and director James Darling traveling to Philly June 12-16th!

Hey everyone!

I’m going to be at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference for the first time ever this year! I’m so excited to get to meet so many awesome people and go to great workshops and present a workshop of my own on trans porn! 

While I’m in Philly I am looking for a few trans guys who want to be a part of my site FTMFUCKER.com! I have one or two slots left, so please fill out an application on my sitewww.ftmfucker.com/casting asap! I am especially looking for gay couples (cis guy or trans guy)  this time around!

I am also looking for places to crash in Philly during June the 12th-16th. 

I am also entertaining the idea of visiting NYC either before or after the conference (another city I’ve never been to and desperately want to visit!). If you want to book me for something (porn, modeling, speaking, go go dancing, etc) hit me up at jamesdarlingxxx@gmail.com!


Anonymous asked: I saw your other ask about top surgery, Dr. Fischer is who I'm looking in to for it. You say your experience was incredible with her, is there any chance I could ask for elaboration? :3

Obviously I haven’t had surgery with other surgeons to be able to compare, and I know there are lots of other great ones, but Fischer and her staff were knowledgeable, respectful and helpful and her bedside manner was great. She’s better known for keyhole rather than double incision (what I had done) and my friends who have seen her for keyhole have had really good experiences too. I like her nipple placement (and end results of nipples in general) better than most other surgeons. I like that her incision lines follow directly under my pec rather than come down a lot farther like most surgeons. I’m happy to answer other questions if you have them jamesdarlingxxx@gmail.com

TS Foxxy, the Transexual Girl Next Door (NSFW)


Transexual porn superstar TS Foxxy stops by Let’s Talk About Sex for a chat. In this exclusive interview, Foxxy drops some beauty secrets, answers some questions and talks about life as your average transexual next door.

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I adore Foxxy (and Jerome!) and I think its important to note that I rarely find interviews of transsexual women speaking about their experiences in the adult industry and found this interview pretty interesting (its a long interview, the first part Foxxy answers questions related to coming out, disclosure, makeup, etc and around 17 mins into it she talks more about industry stuff and feelings about language etc)