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Dreaming of Venus

Dreaming of Venus

Photo by Peter Nylund @jpnylund

Photo by Peter Nylund @jpnylund

One more preview from today’s shoot with Bailey Jay! xo

One more preview from today’s shoot with Bailey Jay! xo

Prior to getting naked with Bailey Jay for a shoot! It was really incredible to get a chance to work with her, she’s a truly amazing person!

Prior to getting naked with Bailey Jay for a shoot! It was really incredible to get a chance to work with her, she’s a truly amazing person!

Tranny Awards Changes Name to Transgender Erotica Awards (T.E.A.’s)

"Burbank, CA – Grooby Productions recently announced TS adult industry event, the Tranny Awards, will be re-branded as the Transgender Erotica Awards (T.E.A’s). The event remains the only of its kind and exclusively celebrates the accomplishments of the TS adult industry.

“We started the show as an online event for a bit fun and never anticipated the interest and growth of the show to become the main annual event for trans women and men in the adult industry,” said Grooby Productions owner Steven Grooby. “When we named the show the ‘Tranny Awards’ in 2007 the climate was different and the usage of the word ‘tranny’ was appropriate as a catchy title in an online porn event. While I personally believe, within the context of porn, that ‘tranny’ has its place as a descriptor in the same way many words have their place only in porn, I do understand why some people have become frustrated with its usage here.

“As we aim to be inclusive of all areas of transgender erotica and are looking to broaden the appeal of the show to mainstream media, we believed it was time to re-brand the event to the Transgender Erotica Awards - or the TEA’s. The acronym works especially well since ‘T’ is used within the community and we’re going to have some fun with the promotions (the after party, for example, will be ‘The TEA Party’). I’d like to thank the extended trans adult community for their input and feedback over the last few months. We will be producing a show that the whole transgender adult community can be proud of.”

The Transgender Erotica Awards (originally known as the Tranny Awards) was created in 2007 and started solely as an online competition voted by a panel of industry judges. There were only a handful of categories and Grooby sponsored all of the cash prizes. 

As interest grew, it was expanded into an actual event and hosted at a several different nightlife venues in the Los Angeles area, before moving to a full-scale theater in Glendale. The event now has over twenty categories, including special awards sponsored by other industry companies, many of which include donated cash prizes.

Last year the event expanded their categories to include Best FTM Performer, with support from sponsors such as Buck Angel and James Darling. This year also marked the first year the event included the category of Voluptuous Diva, awarded to the best BBW TS performer of the year.

This year’s event, hosted last month at the Beyond the Stars Palace in Glendale, also saw a 25% jump in attendance from last year, with nearly a 300% increase in livestream viewership. As the event continues to flourish, Grooby is constantly looking for ways to improve the show and honor the TS adult community.”

Anonymous asked: I thought that only people who change their genitals are referred to as "trans." I'm guessing this is wrong? (¬‿¬)

trans is an umbrella term usually short for “transgender” “transsexual” etc. people will interpret those terms differently, but transgender is a catchall term for anyone who does not identify in some way with their assigned birth sex, and transsexual generally refers to people who have undergone some kind of transition usually with surgery and/or hormone replacement therapy. you don’t have to have had bottom surgery to be trans. 

For example: I am both transgender and transsexual. I was assigned female at birth, identify as male and took testosterone and had top surgery to help my body more closely reflect my identity. Hope that helps!

Plight of the Porn Star


by Lux Alptraum photos by Molly DeCoudreaux

"If you’ve never worked in porn, it probably seems like a pretty easy way to make a living: get paid hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars to spend an afternoon having sex, making a full-time wage with just a few days of work a month. Sure, the work comes with a stigma, but if you don’t mind dealing with that, it’s easy money, right?

But while some people get to live that dream, many more find that their porn work isn’t quite enough to pay the bills. A decade ago, it was relatively easy for most performers to consistently book multiple gigs a week; these days, even big stars can have difficulty booking a few shoots a month. Due to a combination of piracy and rampant free online porn, XXX sales are down by a large margin. And with less money coming in to production companies, there’s not as much to spend on producing new content, which means less work (and less pay) for the talent who depend on porn to pay the bills.

In order to make ends meet, quite a few performers have taken up second jobs. Most of the time, moonlighting porn performers end up in side jobs in other sectors of the adult industry, like stripping, escorting, or dominatrix work, where some XXX notoriety can help raise your rates. But there are a handful of adult stars who end up in more mainstream gigs, where they’re not necessarily upfront about what they do in front of the camera. There are porn performers who teach yoga, who do graphic design, who handle PR, and—in at least one case—even deliver pizzas.”

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New photoset of Fritz von Fuckup and Owen Gray!

Young hitchhiker Fritz was looking for a way to get to the big city when along comes Owen Gray, who just so happens to be heading that way! Owen pulls over and offers Fritz a ride, but when Fritz doesn’t have any money for gas he tells him they’ll have to figure something out! A ride for a ride is only fair, so Owen takes Fritz into the woods to pound his holes with his huge raw uncut cock and blows his load all over Fritz’s adorable twinkish face! This smoking hot gay FTM and cis male scene is one you can’t afford to miss! Check it out, only here on FTMFUCKER.com!


it’s up! :D

Power Jones and James Darling from “Daddy’s boy” on FTMFUCKER.com

Power Jones and James Darling from “Daddy’s boy” on FTMFUCKER.com